How to optimization Macbook OSX

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As the era progressed, more and more advanced technologies were created and more and more applications were emerging. As we have seen apple established since 1983 to the present time, so no wonder Apple did a lot of improvements and additions, both from hardware and software. For example Mac OS X becomes slower when user login to User Account and icon loading keep spinning to make the user feel annoyed.

Actually a lot of factors that affect the fast or slow of a computer when booting, like many of his installed applications, small RAM, Virus, memory is too full and there are many other factors that affect the loading.

By doing some settings, we can make the loading bokep faster if we make some settings to the maximum. Here are some ways you should apply for your Macbook is not heavy When Booting / Start Up.

Here I will explain some ways to speed up loading on your macbook, by:
Open System Preferences.
Go to Menu Users & Groups.
Select your Profile and move to the Login Items tab.
Then you will see some applications that appear on the login tab.
Then remove all the existing list by pressing the – button on the bottom menu.

The application automatically opens when we turn on or login into the mac. So when mac is turned on, mac opens all the apps simultaneously, this can be one factor making your macbook download video become heavy.If the above does not change anything on loading on your Mac, you can also use the CleanMyMac app. This CleanMyMac works to remove Junk and the stacking files that are on your Mac.
You can install CleanMyMac directly from its official site CLICK HERE.
Then open CleanMyMac then Scan.
Wait a few minutes and see how many Junk are on your Mac. I’m sure a Mac that is rarely cleaned must be a lot of Junk piling up: D

If CleanMyMac asks for a password, please enter your login password. The same login password as you open your mac.
Still no changes on your mac yet? I will give again to complete everything: D

iPhone X is the Most Vulnerable iPhone

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The launch of the iPhone X raises skepticism for some people who are unsure of the robustness of the iPhone X. With the glass panel design that protects the rear, making some doubts as to whether the panel is sturdy if it falls off?

These doubts try to be proved in a video that tested the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus vulnerabilities by dropping them from the same height.

The first test is done with a casing that protects the body of iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus. The result, iPhone X better than the iPhone 8 Plus. Also read: iPhone X AT&T Buying Guides

iphone x new

The protrusion of the camera frame on the back can protect the rear panel from severe damage and the steel-coated frame is able to withstand clashes better than aluminum. However, dropping the iPhone X repeatedly will cause quite severe damage, such as not being able to unlock the screen.

In a YouTube video titled “iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus Drop Test!” that, it provides an alternative to open the iPhone X with Face ID feature, at least so observations¬† from BGR on Wednesday