Ideas For Wedding Menu Cards

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Wedding Menu Cards – Food is one of the highlights of a wedding reception. To highlight the special dishes you have selected, consider designing menu cards for the reception tables. Placed in all the decorations and presented with art, the menu cards can help your customers to enjoy even more of their dinner.

Wedding Menu Cards

A menu card should give customers an idea of ​​\why\, wait for the meal to progress. It also allows you to inform clients of the number of courses to be scheduled (such as a five course dinner – better not to teach first class, or you will not have to pay.) . Keep the language pretty simple. If your entire menu is in French, it may sound pretty, but it will not do much good for your guests if they can not read it.

Some customers with dietary restrictions may also use menu details to help them know which classes are best for them. For example, a Victorian guest seeing that beef should be served as a main course will be filled with soup and salad. In addition, if you serve dishes with common allergens, it would be good to put this information in the title of the dish, if possible. In other words, couscous with pine nuts instead of just couscous. For other information about wedding please vissit

The design of your menu cards should complete the rest of your wedding. If you have a very classy wedding party with a wedding of a catha cathedral veil and glamorous crystal wedding jewelry, your menu cards must also be incredibly glamorous. A very elegant look would be to have embellished crystal card holders to echo the elegance of the wedding dress and jewels.

Another way to display a wedding menu cards with panache is to put it in a frame. A beautiful photo frame can be chosen that matches the rest of the wedding design, something classic, Beachy rattan money would be great. The frame can then double as wedding favors. A really fun idea would be to have a photographer in hand who can take and print pictures that guests can put in the frames as a souvenir of your wedding.

One of the most classic ways to display wedding menu cards is to put them on the premises. A heavy ivory card stock with a gold border would be ideal for a formal wedding when engraved in black ink. For a springtime afternoon wedding, choose a lighter stationary in a pastel color with an organza bow on the top. If your wedding will take place at the edge of the ocean, anchor each menu card with a seashell. There are infinite variations to fit any wedding theme.

Flowers are a beautiful part of any wedding, and they can also be used with your menu cards. Rather than placing the towels to the left of the plates, they can be placed directly on the plates with a fold in the lower third. The menu card is slid into the fold, and only one flower is placed on the top of the card to make it even more beautiful. It’s a simple idea that always looks beautiful.

Consider This Thing Before You Book Your Bali Wedding Photographer

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To ensure your wedding day successfully you should do research all of the suppliers that you will choose to help you arrange your wedding day, and of course, include your photographer. Browsing on the internet and look into the Bali wedding photographer portfolio and find their style, read any articles, question them about their services and their prices. If you want to look into their portfolio you need to ask for a whole wedding photo, not just the best one, from that you can evaluate how they shot a wedding day. It is a good start for you to choose the best one.


Is not easy to pose in front of strange people, especially if you are a shy people. Choosing a Bali wedding photographer that can make you comfort is a good start to your wedding day. Arrange a meeting with your photographer and find if yourself feel comfortable with them. Some photographer might be good at shot a wedding day, but if you not feel comfortable all photo of your wedding will not as good as their portfolio.

Ask about their team

A wedding day especially with a large guest won’t be covered by one photographer. Asking how many photographers that will in charge of your wedding day is important. Are they prepared for the unexpected thing like one of their team trapped in a traffic jam?  And don’t forget ask your wedding photographer how many they will charge you for the overtime. A photographer usually offering 8 hours of services, and we are often too focused on our wedding ceremony and forgetting their working hours. When they come to us and telling they already finish their work, we just realize that so many moments need to be shot and your wedding doesn’t finish yet.


Hire a Bali wedding photographer service usually you will get a photograph, ask how many photographs that you will receive from the beginning is important. You definitely don’t want to be disappointed, asking that question will let you know the detail of photograph that you will receive.